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Destination image analytics for tourism design: An approach through Airbnb reviews

Actualizado: 23 dic 2020

This study embraces destination image analytics, design thinking and peer-to-peer accommodation services. The paper aims to support marketers in rethinking the way they design destination experiences and marketing strategies by synergising with contemporary trends in the peer-to-peer accommodation sector and help integrate them into destination marketing systems. Thus, a holistic process is developed to reveal how destination image is constructed that applies compositional data analysis on almost one million Airbnb reviews from four Spanish urban destinations on a temporal basis (two consecutive periods). The designative aspect of image distinguishes the destinations, and temporal image trends are observed. These insights allow marketers to re-formulate and design marketing and experience strategies that align with the needs and experiences of contemporary tourists.

Keywords: Online travel reviews; Peer-to-peer accommodation; Destination image analytics;

Compositional data analysis; Tourist experience design; Airbnb

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