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Why Some Call the "Worst" What Most Consider the "Best"?: An Analysis of Tourist Complaints

This research explores why tourists are dissatisfied in places considered “wonders of the world”. The authors ask if the place does not match visitors' expectations or if other factors spoil the experience.

The authors analysed the lowest-rated reviews of these wonders on TripAdvisor. The authors identified the main causes of complaints and the problems tourists faced. The authors grouped the complaints into categories and used CoDa.

The results indicate that dissatisfaction does not stem from unmet expectations regarding the monument itself, but rather from other factors related to the quality of the tourist service.

The findings of this research can be implemented in those tourist spots that, despite their global popularity, have considerable proportions of unhappy visitors, not due to the attraction itself, but to shortcomings in its administration. This study provides a deeper insight into the causes of complaints about some of the most renowned monuments, regarded as extraordinary places, where high satisfaction levels would be anticipated. It also contributes theoretically to the literature on customer complaints in tourist places.

Keywords: User-generated content; Compositional analysis; Complaints; Dissatisfaction; Tourist attraction

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